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自然が循環できる農業を志し、 環境に与える負荷を少なくした農業を進め、 化学肥料から有機質肥料に転換することや 浅水代かきの実施、除草剤を使わない 畦畔除草等により、野田川・阿蘇海の 水質改善に努め、「天橋立」を応援しながら、 環境に配慮した土づくりを進めています。

"Yoshinori Yoshinori" thinks globally on agriculture and practices local agriculture in Yosano-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, faces agriculture so that every day closely resides with nature.

In Yosano-cho, we are also beginning efforts to protect the environments of the Amanohashidate and Aso Seas of Japan's three scenic spots.

Aspiring for agriculture where nature can be recycled, promoting agriculture with reduced burden on the environment, conversion from chemical fertilizer to organic fertilizer, implementation of shallow water substitution, ridge weeding without herbicide, etc., Nodagawa · Aso We are making efforts to improve the quality of water, and while supporting "Amanohashidate", we are promoting environmentally friendly soil making. In the case of




There are six business fields of "Yoshinori Yoshinori". Each one is independent and specialized in the technical field. Different divisions cooperate to develop a high-quality total support system.

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