事業内容|Our Business

Product development starting from the empathy bulding with customers.


We are implementing the agricultural experience programs throughout the year.I'm making the goods to hint the proposal referred to as "I want to eat this kind of style vegetables" and requests referred to as "I want to eat this vegetable" in the interactions. with customer

Off-the-shelf and custom-made

わたしたちは小ロットで即日出荷も可能なレディーメイドのYosano Cruブランドで飲食店様や一般のご家庭の明日に貢献します。また、量販店様向けにはオリジナリティを高めながらも納期やコストカットが調整可能なセミオーダーメイドの2つのメニューで様々な条件に対応します。

We will contribute to the home tomorrow eateries and off-the-shelf that can be shipped immediately on a small lot in the "Tanzen" brand.Also, cut costs and delivery times will correspond to the various conditions in the menu on the two adjustable custom-made, even while enhancing the originality to retailers Own.

Rather than the standard of someone, to make our brand


I answered in the proposal "Kabushabu" in combination "Kokabu" ×"Shionabe" × "lemon" in order that "the Kyoto vegetables and friendly at a low price."We do not think vegetables only standard someone has been made until now to flow. We are because we thoroughly studied the eating of delicious vegetables and seasonal true.

Accessible environmentalism,that can be put into practice immediately

Simply printing content differs from labeling on cardboard boxon packing tape allows cardboard boxes to be reused, and communicates the environment on the sender.We propose reuse techniques so that users can immediately help protect the environment, simply by changing their perspective a little.

Developing materials which anticipate latent needs.

Farmers to join producer organizations that we sponsored the "heaven and earth", we have won the confidence that safety and security efforts of "GAP" and traceability. By the production management that was thorough, we are raising the production efficiency. The business norms at the customer eye has given rise to credit.We believe for granted the pursuit of "safe, secure, high-quality". We have built a logistic by the Science freshness management of up to have you on the mouth of the customer.We are working on agriculture which considered environmental protection and product development attractive.

We don’t deliver vegetables. We deliver smiles.

We have created a mechanism for maintaining freshness of vegetables called "protect, carry,wrap". Not only that. We offer features such as "tell seem" vegetables of the field.We support "small amount, other varieties, quick delivery" also. We are solving the problems of the customer by a dense network of cooperation and factory and procurement capacity, and high flexible thinking of us.